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Teaching is the essential profession; the one that makes all professions possible and teaching children is a real accomplishment. We at ACTE have been relentlessly putting our efforts to create great teachers over the years so that teachers not only teach the children; they make the children excited about the learning. To make that possible ACTE keeps a low student teacher ratio so that every child receives proper attention and thus teachers’ accomplishments turn into achievements. To keep the under priviledged section of the society in the same pace we follow The Government Regulations on reservation for SC, ST and OBC.


The R & D division of GASPTTI encourages the student to do several REAL-TIME Practical Projects in different disciplines. Thus, students are coached and trained for competitive exams like IAS, WBCS etc. in INDIA. With time, the R & D division will shift its activities from more Industry oriented research to more academic-oriented research to create more teachers than more managers.


  • PRACTICE TEACHING TRAINING: Only theory without Practical experience cannot equip an individual for the profession properly. So students are sent to different schools within 5 K.M radius to practice and develop their teaching ability.
  • BRATACHARI TRAINING: Apart from regular academic curriculum, students are encouraged into co-curricular activities too; i.e, they are given Bratachari training by the experts.
  • OTHER TRAINING: Students are given the first aid training by the first aid expert for co-curricular activity.


  • COMPUTER LAB The Institute provides a dedicated fully air conditioned computer laboratory having 30 PCs connected to a Central server through LAN. Students can utilize their free time in practicing computer in the laboratory. Students are trained in basic computer for future use. All the PCs have Internet connection as to students can be connected to the world of knowledge through Internet.
  • EDUCATIONAL LAB: The Institute provides educational lab with all kinds of teaching aids with a capacity of accommodating 50 students at a time.
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE LAB: The college has a well equipped social science room cum laboratory. It is well equipped with equipments, apparatus and materials required for the subject, which helps in creating and maintaining a much needed congenial atmosphere for effective learning. The permanent display of important maps and globes, pictures and charts and constant reference to them by teaching is sure to make the teachers of social studies effective, lively and interesting.
  • MATHEMATICS LAB: To enable the students to explore a wide range of mathematical concepts by using the right equipment, we have set up our mathematics lab. The laboratory approach allows student to set up mathematical experiment for the purpose of discovering some mathematical principles, patterns or process. More involvement in the laboratory work helps in satisfying the creative and constructive urges of the students.
  • ART AND CRAFT RESOURCE CENTER: The art & craft resource centre is aesthetically decorated which has all the material and apparatus to cultivate aesthetic value in our students. Students have the liberty to explore and nourish their creativity here. They are provided with ample opportunity to experiment and express themselves. A wide range of ideas, materials, textures, colors and form are taught here
  • MUSIC LAB: Our motto is to provide all round education to our students. So apart from regular study we also encourage our students to engage in various arts and culture form. The music lab with several musical instruments and qualified trainer provides scope of showcasing and practicing our student’s cultural talent.
  • HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION LAB: We aim to generate overall wellness among the students by encouraging them to participate in different sports and exercises. So, we have set up Health and Physical Education lab.
  • SCIENCE LAB: It would be rare to find any education course without a substantial component of laboratory activity. So we arranged for a modernized and well equipped and well maintained lab with all required facilities for our students for their experiments and work. It is observed that students should have full guidance and assistance in the lab.
  • LANGUAGE LAB: The objective of Language lab is developing the communicative skills of the Students and engaging them in interesting language learning processes. Unlike the ambiance of traditional classroom, here the student uses various texts, videos, and audios to learn language quickly.


Visit Central Library

The Institute has a computerised central library with Web OPAC facility which has been established with the objective of supporting academic and research programs of the students. The library is centrally located, easily accessible and remains open all days of the week. The library has a collection of over 5000 volumes in different subjects, 7 national and international technical journals and other periodicals, magazines and dailies (Regional-3, English-2). The major thrust areas of the library collection are Education, technical, management, language teaching, literature of Bengali and English.

The library also has a sizeable collection of materials in History, Cultural Studies and Religion and houses reports, pamphlets, articles, audio and video-cassettes collected from sources in India. The library also has a separate text book and reference book sections which is at par with prescribed course. It has a well-furnished reading hall and provides Audio- visual learning aids, internet facility and photocopying facility as well.



1 LECTURE HALL 4 1080/1050 4260 4260
2 ASSEMBLY HALL 1 2130 2130 2130
3 COMPUTER ROOM 1 650 650 650
4 PRINCIPALS' ROOM 1 150 150 150
6 OFFICE ROOM 2 150/500 650 650
7 STORE ROOM 1 300 300 300
9 LIBRARY ROOM 1 600 600 600
10 READING ROOM 1 600 600 600
11 INDOOR GAMES ROOM 1 500 500 500
12 COMMON ROOM FOR STUDENT 2 500 500 500
13 STUDENT TOILET 4 150 150 150
14 STAFF TOILET 4 75 75 75
15 COLLEGE CANTEEN 1 700 700 700
16 MEETING HALL 1 1050 1050 1050
17 LANGUAGE LAB 1 650 650 650