In this section, the philosophy and values of education will not be discussed but lot of you will be surprised to know that in these days, Machines like Computers can even hear and understand your dictations to provide you a written copy or to transmit that to your friends and relatives instantly, even if they are on the other side of this Globe or walk on the surface of the Moon or Mars. This "Information Storage and Transfer Technology" is another modern addition to our society from the brains. Before ending, it must be added here that ACTE intends to keep a low Student to Teacher ratio for proper attention to each and every individual. And, the Government. Regulations on reservation for SC, ST and OBC will always be observed to cater education to the deprived sections of Indian Society - at - large.

Method Subject

Language GroupScience Group Social Science Group
(i) Bengali (i) Math(i) History
(ii) English (ii) Phy. Science (ii) Geography
(iii) Sanskrit(iii) Life Science(iii) Education
(iv) Economics
(v) Work Education
N.B. Every Students Get opportunities to select work education as a second method subject.

Research & Development

The R & D division of ACTE encourages the students to do several REAL-TIME Projects in different disciplines. Thus, students are coached and trained for competitive exams like SI (School Inspector), C.TET, TET and other in INDIA. With time, R & D division will shift its activities from more industry oriented research to more academic oriented research to create more teachers than more managers. 

The Institute is running with 100 students from the current academic session.


Practice Teaching Training: Students are sent to different schools for two months to develop their teaching ability. The students are sent to the secondary & higher secondary schools within 5 K.M. for practice teaching before their final teaching examination .

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Bratachari Training: Students are given bratachari training by the experts for co-curricular activity.

Other Training: Students are given the first aid training by the first aid expert for co-curricular activity.



The Institute has a fully air conditioned computer laboratory having 30 PC connected to a Central server through Local Area Network. In free time any students get laboratory for computer practice. Students are trained for advanced computing in the future. All the PC having Internet connection through proxy Server. So students can be attached to the world through the Internet.

Educational Lab

The Institute provides educational lab with all kinds of teaching aids and having accommodation of 50 students at a time.

Social Science Lab:

In our social science lab, we keep globes, maps, and samples to make the students understand History, Geography, and Civics in a better. This arrangement helps us to rouse interest among the students about the subjects.

Mathematics Lab:

By combining practical experience in lab with theoretical teaching inside class, we have enabled our students to understand the mathematical concepts with ease. To engage the students, we have kept numerous advanced mathematical devices.

Art and Craft Resource Centre:

Art and Caft resource centre of our school encourage the students to explore their creativity. All necessary devices like chart paper, color pencils, and others are kept there to enable the students create whatever they desire.

Music Lab:

Lives are enriched with excellent music in our music lab. Here, knowledge and practice of music is promoted by our well-qualified music teachers. The students are also free to use numerous musical instruments kept there.

Health and Physical Education Lab:

To promote overall wellness among the students, we have set up health and physical education lab in our school. Through sport and physical activity, our P.T. teachers promote holistic health.

Science Lab:

Our well-equipped science lab deals mainly with three subjects, Physics, chemistry, and Biology. We ensure that each student is carrying out the experiments individually by properly using the equipment and facilities.

Language Lab:

We understand that to express views and opinions, languages are important. So, we have opened language lab in our school where the students communication skills are improved using the advanced technology.

The Library

The institute has a computerized central library with the objective of supporting academic and research programmes of the institute. The library is centrally placed and easily accessible. The library has a collection of over 5000 volumes in different subjects, 7 technical journals (national and international) and other periodicals, magazines and dailies (Regional-3, English-2). The major thrust areas of the library collection are technical, management, education, language teaching, literature of Bengali and English. The library also has a sizable collection of materials in History, Cultural Studies and Religion. The library also possesses reports, pamphlets, articles, audio and video-cassettes collected from sources in India. The Reference Section for Bengali and English contain documents such as dictionaries and encyclopedias. There is also a separate textbook section housing books prescribed for specific courses provided by the Institute.

  • It has a well-furnished reading hall and provided with a number of study oriented journals.
  • Internet facility and photocopying facility are also available.
  • The Library is open from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on all week days.
  • The Library on the campus is a well-organized one with an adequate with the good collection of books.
  • It is fully equipped with modern tools of learning such as computers, CD, CD ROMS, and LCD projectors.
  • Audio- visual learning aids will also be part of this knowledge-centre.
  • Library has acquired software for computerizing library services, with Web OPAC facility.
  • Language learning laboratory for improving communication skills of the students has been established.

The Institute has 1 acre well decorated rich
campus with 40,000 sq. ft. build up area.


Sl. NoDescriptionNo. of Rooms Area (Sq. ft.)Total (Sq. ft.)
1.Lecture Hall41080/1050 42604260
2.Assembly Hall12130 21302130
3.Computer Room 1650 650650
4.Principals' Room1150 150150
5. Educational Laboratory 2500 500500
6.Office Room 2150/500 650650
7.Store Room1300 300300
8.Common Rooms for Teachers (M/F)2500 500500
9.Library Room1600 600600
10.Reading Room1600 600600
11.Indoor Games Room1500 500500
12.Common Room for student2500 500500
13.Student Toilet4150 150150
14.Staff Toilet475 7575
15.College Canteen1700 700700
16.Meeting Hall11050 10501050
17.Language Lab1650 650650